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    Hi, Im Sooze

    "Filmmaker, whiskey lover, obsessed with old fashioned romance..."

    There's a reason it's important for you to know a little bit about me. You have probably seen some of my work and I hope you felt a connection there, BUT I know that is only one part of deciding who you choose to capture the biggest day of your life. The rest is down to trust.


    We all (your wedding team) only get one shot at your day. This trust is something I never take for granted, it affects the way I shoot (90% of the time with one camera and one lens) so I can move quickly and unnoticed amongst your guests throughout the day, covering not only your story but grabbing those moments that you don't get to see.


    So, now you know a little bit about who you'll be spending your day with.....


    I cant wait to meet you both.


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