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The wedding of Craig & Tasha

A Summer wedding at Stubton Hall, Lincolnshire

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It was the hottest day of the year...

Lincolnshire was showing off all its beautiful green rolling loveliness on Craig and Tasha's day and I couldn't have been greeted by a sweeter couple and a more beautiful venue than Stubton Hall As a wedding videographer I was pretty happy and it was yet another one of those "I love my job" days.

I spent the morning with the stunning bride to be Tasha in one of the most beautiful bridal sweets I think I've ever been in! Not only would I like to steal all of Stubton Hall's decor for my own home (delusions of grandeur I know!) but the amount of natural light flooding in from every floor to ceiling window made filming there an absolute dream.

There were so many moments of sweetness throughout the day, and I'll always remember the absolute pride on Tasha's Dad's face when he saw her for the first time and then walked her down the aisle in her Essence of Australia gown. The love and admiration he had for both Tasha and his new son in law Craig was so heart warming.

Needless to say the weather stayed utterly perfect for the whole day and we got to make the most of the gorgeous grounds at Stubton Hall for some snuggly couple time and a giggle filled portraits session.

Finally a massive thank you goes our to the lovely Paul and Claire from ILTO Photography for being wonderful to spend the day with (I cant believe it had been a whole year since I saw them last!).

So now, here's to Tasha and Craig...

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