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James and Sammy

Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK

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Introducing the sweetest of couples...

James and Sammy are everything I dream of as a wedding videographer.....smiles, smiles and more smiles. They are also another amazing example of hugs over hand shakes and how once we all lose that wall we all put up initially, you end up spending your wedding day with someone that doesn't feel like a stranger. James and Sammy's warmth towards everyone they meet is evident from the first "hello".

Let's talk about Eaves Hall

"Oh my" (in that kind of country and western, damsel in distress kinda way) was literally the only thing that came to mind when I arrived at Eaves Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire. The grandeur is something actually quite marvellous, with it's terraced gardens running up to the front of the Hall and amazing grounds, perfect for portrait sessions with this stunning couple. I spend a lot of my time filming in Lancashire and the Ribble Valley to be precise, it's such a stunning part of the country and I love my trips over the pennines from my home in Yorkshire most weekends.

Eaves Hall Wedding, Lancashire Wedding Videographer, bride, groom, smiles

PS. Talking of portraits, it's worth mentioning at this stage I got to hang out with the awesome Neil Redfern all day who not only is an amazing photographer but such a lovely chap to shoot with!

Let's talk about Family

Family is probably the main thing I want to chat about where this pair are concerned. Mainly because it's not often (thank goodness) that my couples have had such a tough year in the lead up to their big day. But both sides of this now joined up family came out stronger for it and it showed on this amazing day just how grateful they all were to have each other in their lives. Both James and Sammy's mums had been recently fighting cancer and were both standing there strong having won their fight on this amazing day. Just listening to James and then his best man and brother Matt speak about these two brave women was enough to bring everyone to tears, tears of the happiest kind.

I should also mention both the groomsmen and the bridal party, what a chuffing excellent bunch, they were all so supportive of James and Sammy all day, never stopped smiling, so comfortable infant of the camera and just added to what was already an amazing day.

bridesmaids, bridal party, eaves hall wedding, wedding dress
groom, groomsmen, eaves hall wedding, Lancashire wedding videographer

Finally, let's talk about the dancing

It normally goes...cut the cake, first dance, everyone joins in and then....full dance floor shenanigans. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear when the second the DJ started waiting for the cake to be cut, the dance floor was full and this pair and their wonderful family had already got the party started. There was many a tail-feather shook and one of the best dance floors I've ever filmed.

Finally, Sammy, being the amazingly elegant and beautiful human that she is, gave me one of my all time favourite stills that I have ever pulled out from my footage. This girl knows how to dance in a veil.

Eaves Hall Wedding, Lancashire wedding videographer, Bride, veil, first dance

Want to see more from this gorgeous pair?...

Sit back and enjoy, here's but a glimpse of this lovely pairs Eaves Hall wedding