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Nick and Adrianna

Winter wedding at Carlton Towers, Goole, Yorkshire.

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Hugs over hand shakes

When I speak to my couples in the lead up to their wedding day I try to talk to them about being a "hugger", about trying to push through those boundaries we all put up when meeting new people so that we can get straight to the good stuff. If you chose me to film your wedding, I'm going to be with you all day, on the most important day of your life and if you do it right, I'll be there when you bear your heart and soul and tell the world what you think about the amazing human who stands beside you and lets face it, we've literally just met. So, this thing takes a lot of trust.

Sometimes we get there a few hours into the day, sometimes I know it's there when the pressure of the speeches is over and done with. Sometimes, just sometimes it's there from the get go.

With these two, the door was open the second we met and I'm going to try and tell you how much it makes a difference to the films I produce. I'm a perfectionist and will always strive to tell my couples story in the best way I know how no matter how open they are able to be with me.

But when the groom greets you like an old friend on first meeting and your bride has you in stitches within seconds of meeting her, you know that this day is gonna go like a dream and can't wait to put the hours in back home to produce films they are going to treasure.

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bride, wedding videographer, wedding dress, Carlton towers, Yorkshire wedding inspiration

But first...Carlton Towers

Can we please get out the way the fact that Nick and Adrianna chose Carlton Towers as their venue, not only does it look like Hogwarts (Adrianna loves her Harry Potter so that may have been why) but it's the home of so much of ITV's period drama "Victoria" series which I adore! So now that you all know how much of a history/period drama geek I am we can maybe get on with talking about this amazing couples big day.


I normally start my blogs with a line up of the day but I really don't need to here. Because it was clear from the outset, the thing most important to Nick and Adrianna is family. When I say family, whether you are a blood relative or best friend from childhood, you are family to this pair and from the beginning of their day to the end they were not only celebrating their love and life together but every single person that had been part of their journey both seperately and together. Their ceremony was conducted by one of their closest friends, the reading was given by Nick's best friend from childhood and Adrianna's father's speech will stay with me forever, about parenthood, making the most of that time, and treasuring every minute.

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Before I share their film, the last bit of this pairs puzzle is Nick's two utterly gorgeous children Lilly and Lucas who clearly adore their new step mum to be. The way that Adrianna looks at those tiny humans melted me into tiny little pieces!


I said I would talk briefly about how being open and brave helps me make better films for you. If you think about it, Im there to tell your story, to pick out the important bits, look for poignancy, figure out who's mum, who's dad, who's that friend that means so much to you. I'm there to figure out the in jokes, the out jokes, the nervous smile from elation. That's how I edit your films, and if we can tear down the stranger danger and get to the hugs, all that stuff is so much easier, and we can get straight to the good stuff.

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So, in the words of Severus Snape, (and Adrianna's dad)...

Nick and Adrianna, always.